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September 17th-20th, 2014

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Disaster Recovery Planning And Business Continuity

  • Friday, Sep 19, 2014
    1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Speaker(s): Ann Wyganowski

Location: Event Room A & B

Business Continuity and Emergency Planning for Law Offices – Be Ready for the Unexpected?

Whether it’s a fire, flood, or ice storm, any number of threats can cause an unexpected business disruption. This interactive workshop will include

An overview of Continuity Planning for a Legal Practice:  how to prepare for the greatest number of contingencies … best planning and strategic practices … how to develop your plan and overcome the various challenges you’ll face … what you should put in your plan … how to practice, sustain, and update procedures for a continuity plan that endures over time.

How to gain support for your plan:  the key to getting executive support … how to gain cooperation from other departments … what information you need from other departments and how to get it fasthow to get consultants to serve you better … how to best utilize your team to develop practical plan content.

How to identify critical employees and services that will be your first priority in an emergency:  which people are key to your operations and what to do if you need to replace them … how to prioritize your services to your clients and help ensure continuance of key procedures … how to back-up key services … how to resume your services as quickly as possible when faced with disruptive incidents.

A structured approach that’s clear, fast, and easy-to-follow:  a clear-cut outline for each key area you should include in your plan  … “how-to” instructions from start to finish … a rundown of the biggest mistakes to avoid … fast tips and time-savers from veteran emergency and continuity planners … a rundown of often-overlooked ideas you won’t want to miss.