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September 17th-20th, 2014

Event Detail

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Being the Best You

  • Saturday, Sep 20, 2014
    9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Speaker(s): Tim Cork

Location: Studio 10 and 11

Tim Cork has great ideas and wisdom on how to combine your skills, talents and abilities to become an inspirational leader.  Give, give and give again, that is Tim Cork's formula for personal and professional success.  This program will address how each of us can more effectively utilize the talents we have to better communicate, influence and connect with others.  Some of the highlights include:

G3 … the power of giving

  • Attitude makes a big difference

  • Create great experiences … “Milkshake moments”

  • Pursue your passion and purpose

  • Brand “You” … verbal and virtual

  • Ask great questions … get great answers

  • To tell is to take … to ask is to give

  • Preparation leads to flawless execution

  • Be the teacher

  • Giving starts the receiving process

  • Don’t take yourself to seriously … Fun

  • Genuine is contagious

  • Adversity is a great teacher

  • Fail Forward

  • Get excited about you

  • The number one rule to success and abundance in life and business

  • How to soar with the "Eagles"

  • Me to We